Biotab Nutraceuticals

Using Zenbership for High Volume eCommerce

Zenbership Integration

The Problem

Extenze was faced with a need to develop several eCommerce websites which linked to their external fulfillment platform and adapted to their branding. They considered numerous alternatives, however all of those solutions either couldn't interface with your external platforms or could not take on their branding to a satisfactory degree.

The Solution

Zenbership provided them with all of the tools they needed to accomplish their goals. The eCommerce tools were used to build multiple store front and process transactions, while the entire system was seamlessly linked to their external fulfillment engine using a custom-built extension.

The result is a fully integrated tool which adapted to their needs and has handled the vast majority of their online transactions.

The Result

Biotab now uses Zenbership's eCommerce tools to sell four different products online, incresing online revenue and reducing overhead.