Profitunity Trading Group

Using Zenbership to Monetize Online Video Courses

Zenbership Integration

The Problem

Profitunity had been selling video courses since 1996, but wasn't keeping up with the times. Stuck still shipping physical DVDs, they needed a way to cut costs and reduce piracy by selling their video courses online.

The Solution

Zenbership fit the bill perfectly. Vimeo was integrated with the system, allowing Profitunity to embed private videos onto secure pages generated by Zenbership. Piracy was complicated through a series of measures, including Zenbership's built-in encryption and anti-password-sharing features. And finally, Zenbership's eCommerce features allowed entire courses, or individual videos, to all be monetized.

The Result

Profitunity has once again established itself as a modern provider of finance-based online training courses. Customers love the new system, as does Profitunity, which no longer needs to worry about micromanaging and sending packages of DVDs! In the process, costs have greatly decreased and customer churn is at an all time low!

Did you know that Castlamp oversaw the entire process of rebranding Profitunity? The logo, website, and transition strategy were all completed by Castlamp over the course of two months. And what a difference two months can make, just take a look:

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