SRED Engine Case Study

Using Zenbership to Manage SaaS Software

Zenbership Integration

The Problem

SRED Engine had a full SaaS application built and ready to deploy, but they didn't have the correct tools needed to properly monetize and market it. How were they going to automate subscription renewals, upgrades/downgrades, and allow members to manually manage their accounts?

The Solution

They found Zenbership and after an initial consultation, decided to implement the platform. Zenbership was employed to handle all of the following tasks:

  • Multi-level member registration
  • Instant communication and interaction with their SaaS application,
  • The sale of premium upgrade products which alter a member's content access
  • E-Mail marketing, including drip e-mail campaigns with custom triggers and highly targeted e-mail campaigns aimmed at incresing per-member revenue, based on spending habits, geography, and more.
  • Online advertising campaign tracking and testing, including setting up A/B testing on landing pages.

The Result

The increased automation of their business model has allowed them to focus their efforts on marketing and growing their SaaS platform, which has led to a consistent 200% yearly increase in sales.

Zenbership automated more aspects of my business than I thought were possible. It was a lifesaver, and I still feel lucky to have found it. The flexibilty is astounding, and the UI compliments it well. I gave zenbership a try and have never looked back. Just try it, you won't look back either.

- Ron Dormozi, President, RD3