Stealth Systems

Using Zenbership for Software Licensing

Zenbership Integration

The Problem

Stealth Systems is a leading provider of software for trade-based businesses. As such, they needed a way to sell licenses for their software, while also offering a number of additional products like support subscriptions and on-demand SMS products. The problem became how to coordinate all of this to ensure that licenses were valid, and how to centralize all communications between these otherwise unconnected platforms.

The Solution

In comes Zenbership, which is being used by Stealth System to integrate with their 3rd-party providers and serve as a central hub for all of their operations. All member management and eCommerce are handled by Zenbership, which then uses the hook system to communicate in real time with their outside providers. This constant communication ensures that Stealth Systems' business can run efficiently.

The Result

Stealth Systems has been able to consistently and reliably ensure that all users using their software are on valid licenses, and that those users' accounts are in good standing. They have also been able to expand their product base, offering new services that rely on Zenbership's extension system to communicate with the required providers.

Zenbership has made the job of managing subscriptions a lot more simple. In combination with Stripe payment gateway it has made a real difference to my operation.

- Kerrin Banner, Managing Director at Stealth Systems Ltd