Administrative Dashboard

Designed to simplify and organize your daily tasks, take full control over your software!

Zenbership Administrative Dashboard

A view of the Zenbership administrative dashboard.

Full Control

Every aspect of the program, whether it be members, database fields, events, invoicing, transaction, or options are controllable from within the administrative dashboard.

Accessible From Anywhere

Zenbership is web-based software, making it accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. This means that your data is always available to you. Log in from the office, home, or even the beach!

Administrative Dashboard


Quickly search through accounts, members, contacts, event attendees, transactions, and events. For advanced searches, use the criteria system to build reports and target exactly who you are searching.

Administrative Dashboard

Quick Filtering

Quickly sort through any listings page on the dashboard, filtering through various parameters and receiving instant results to your queries.

Activity Feed

Get instant notifications when members take actions, such logging in, registering for an event, or placing a transaction.

Zenbership Followup Campaign Overview

Customize Tables

Easily allow each employee to customize table headings to their liking by selecting which fields appear on listings pages.

Easy Printing

Built-in link on every page throughout the dashboard makes printing reports a snap.