CRM & Account Management

A CRM designed to help convert leads into members.

Zenbership Contact Management

Manage Contacts

Manage a custom database of contacts that can be expanded to meet your needs. Detailed history logs help track progress while built-in e-mail and mobile marketing tools help convert leads.

Manage Accounts

Groups contacts and members into accounts and manage entire accounts collectively. Assign both contacts and accounts to particular staff members to build rapport.

Automate Followup Campaigns

Create intelligent e-mail campaigns that will automate followups with contacts. With options to deactivate and reactivate a contact's followups, you can add a personal touch to messages when the contact is ready to talk!

Note System

The Zenbership note system is a tool that covers most elements in the program, allowing your employees to maintain a historical log of interactions with contacts, members, accounts, events, products, and more. Have the knowledge your employees need at your fingertips to actively engage opportunities, set deadlines, and schedule appointments. All of this information is then available to the employee on their personalized calendar and dashboard.

Zenbership Note System

Social Media Integration

Knowledge is power, and when it comes to converting a lead, you need as much knowledge as possible. One way Zenbership helps with this is by integrating directly with a contact's Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles, providing you with instant access to recent Tweets and Facebook posts.

Convert Contacts to Members

With Zenbership's integrated feature set, the program allows you to one-click convert contacts into members, tracking expected vs actual value and creating statistics on employee conversion rates.

Employee Reporting

Keep tabs on which employees are producing and which are not. Run reports containing conversion rates, conversion times, sales figures, and more targeted demographic information to find out who produces and who doesn't.

Intelligence Feed

The administrative dashboard contains a wonderful set of customizable widgets, many of which are geared towards providing your employees with feeds, schedules, and other important information regarding the lifespan of a contact.