Content Builder

Create membership content using a built-in CMS.

Example of Branded Zenbership Templates Example of Branded Zenbership Templates Example of Branded Zenbership Templates Example of Branded Zenbership Templates

Various examples of re-branded Zenbership templates.


Using custom themes, everything that your members see can be completely customized to match your company's branding. Theming is simple for anyone with knowledge of HTML and CSS. Custom theme design is available upon request.

Website Builder

Zenbership is more than a series of templates: it offers a full CMS which can be used to create entire websites. Websites can be secure and public content, sections, and even be used to secure and sell access to physical files on your server.

Multilingual Support

Themes, templates, and custom pages all have multi-lingual support, meaning that you can run your company in a default language, say english, but offer other languages at the same time, like Spanish or French.

Create Secure "Member's Only" Content

Easily create secure pages and optionally sell access to this content as part of a membership subscription or as one-off purchases through the program's eCommerce features.


The program comes with a number of preset widgets, however the possibilities are endless. Easily create HTML blocks, execute full PHP scripts, or generate dynamic menus and inject them into your website.


The program's front-end is mobile-ready right out of the box, coming with present mobile themes that match their accompanying desktop themes.

Analytics Integration

Easily track visitors to your website. Simply supply the program with your Google Analytics ID and the code will be auto-generated by the software.