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The Zenbership journey began in 2000, when lead developer Jon Belelieu created his first membership solution known as "AdPass". Basic, straightforward, and with a limited focus, AdPass was provided free-of-charge.

In 2002, the next installment of AdPass was released as "Password Protector SD". With a more advanced feature set, it proved to be successful and paved the way for our next solution, "ppSD2", which was released in 2006 using the knowledge gained from its predecessors. To this day, it is still in use by over 1,000 customers worldwide.

Over the next six years, we spoke with our clients, learned from their experiences, and did extensive research into exactly what it is that clients want and need from a membership solution. It is under those circumstances that in 2013, we officially unveiled Zenbership after 3 years of development and testing.

Open Source

Originally released under a commercial license, in March 2016 Zenbership was officially open sourced and licensed under the GPLv3. Doing this opened the program up to a world of users who previously were either priced out from using it or simply didn't know about it.

We are thrilled to be supporting the open source movement and invite you to contribute to the project or send us your comments and suggestions for improvements!